Artist in Residence

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The Town of Cambridge is proud to support local artists by showcasing their works in an exclusive exhibition at The Boulevard Centre.

The exhibition is open for viewing from 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday in The Boulevard Centre Gallery.  Please drop in and enjoy works by some very talented artists.

Our current exhibition


Glynis Morrison

The Collection

Glynis' exhibition is titled 'North and South'. These beautiful paintings will be on display at The Boulevard Centre from 7 April - 31 May 2021.

About the Artists 

Glynis Morrison

Glynis Morrison's influences and inspiration comes from the world around - landscape, travel and still life. 

This series of work reflects my response to two difference landscapes. The “South” paintings were inspired by visits to the Margaret River area. In the “North” series I was inspired by the colours, textures and movements of the ocean and coastal scenes.