Artist in Residence


The Town of Cambridge is proud to support local artists by showcasing their works in an exclusive exhibition at The Boulevard Centre.

The exhibition is open for viewing from 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday in The Boulevard Centre Gallery.  Please drop in and enjoy works by some very talented artists.

Our current exhibition


Ian MacRae

The Collection

Ian’s exhibition is titled ‘Compositions’. These beautiful artworks will be on display at The Boulevard Centre from 12 November 2021 to end of January 2022.  

About the Artist

Ian MacRae 

Ian spends as much time thinking about the composition of a painting as the painting of it. His prime motivation is to represent accurately on the canvas what he has imagined for the piece. There are a diverse compilation of ideas to this exhibition. Since reengaging with painting four years ago Ian’s main subjects have included local dogs, Rottnest Island, sailing ships and memories of various places that he has travelled to (including Greece, Scotland, Japan and Nepal). Ian has developed a style that owes much to pointillism, with the difference that he likes using squares to give the impression of mosaics.