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Beach Runner

The Town of Cambridge is proud to support local artists by showcasing their works in exclusive exhibitions at The Boulevard Centre.

The exhibition is open for viewing Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 4.00pm in The Boulevard Centre Gallery. Please drop in and enjoy works by some very talented artists.

Our current exhibition


Gregory Pastoll

The Collection

This exhibition, 'Looking Deeper', will be on display at The Boulevard Centre from the beginning of May 2024 until the end of June 2024.

About the Artist

Greg has drawn and painted since he was a child. Aside from one lesson in watercolour when he was nine years old, he is entirely self-taught. He has completed over 1000 paintings, in various media. 

Greg was born in South Africa and worked there most of his adult life. He came to Australia in 2013, and is now a citizen. The bulk of his working career was split evenly between being an engineering lecturer and a consultant on university teaching methods. Whatever else he was doing, he always kept up his painting.

He has previously held four solo exhibitions in Cape Town and two in Perth. His sold works have found homes in Canada, Australia,  Austria, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa and South Korea. He has been a member of the Alfred Cove Art Society since 2014.

Greg has several other creative interests, besides art. He has published books on engineering instruction and on education. His fiction books include childrens’ stories, rhyming stories for general audiences, limericks and poetry. These are all listed with online booksellers. He has illustrated several of these books.

Additionally, Greg has written the scripts and lyrics of five original musicals for young people, two of which were produced in Cape Town. He learnt the craft of violin-making from luthier Brian Lisus, and has completed three violins.

In the 1990s he developed and marketed a board game based on the sport of cricket. This game was endorsed by Bob Woolmer, former England player, at the time when Bob was the coach of the South African cricket team. 

Greg lives with his wife in Perth, WA.